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Oldest Motor-Buggy Maker: Holsman

Holsman Auto Company (1908) referred to themselves as the oldest motor-buggy makers in America and clung tightly to using the word carriage as well.

Back in those days the roads were still mainly built with horse-drawn carriages in mind.  Very early automobiles had to make adjustments for all the high centers in bad roads so a high-wheeled buggy-type auto (like Holsman's auto in the picture) seemed sensible to make.

The Holsman Automobile Company (Chicago, Illinois) prided itself in winning many hill-climbing events during those days.  It is possible Holsman's autos were the first study precursor to latter 4-wheel drive vehicles.

A brand new Holsman 1908 model cost $550.00 and had a high-grade motor carriage and 'every part of every machine' was guaranteed to hold up.  Women riding in such motor carriages wore a duster and often a broad-brimmed hat with a full veil as well to protect her hair.

We've come to think of dusters as a pure cowboy shoot-em-up at noon outfit but actually they became popular with the early automobiles to protect their clothing from oil spray and such.

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