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Old Car in the Barn

 Start off this year 2016 by letting go of that old project car in the barn.   Contact us Susan or Larry  If you have no idea of how much the old car or truck is worth these days, we'll come out and take a look at it and tell you how much we think you can get for it.  Then we'll find you a buyer for the car.  The buyer pays us a small finders fee, you pay us nothing.  Contact us today and let's get this year going good.

David Dunbar Buick

David Dunbar Buick died a poor man.

During David Buick's hay day years, his net worth totaled at least fifty times that of most men in that day.  The first car he designed in 1903 had two-cylinders and only had twenty-one horsepower.  He sold 37 automobiles in 1904.  David Buick was a versatile inventor, few people know he designed the modern lawn sprinkler, enameled the bathtub, and help modernize indoor toilets.

1904 Buick car
It wasn't until William C. Durant decided to back David Buick in manufacturing his car on a large scale that Buick became rich.  By 1910, Buick had become one of the top ten car makers in America.  But Buick didn't accomplish all this on his own. 

William Durant hired men like Charles W. Nash, Walter P. Chrysler, and Louis Chevrolet to help out with the early Buick manufacturing operation.  By 1908, Durant had formed General Motors.  By this time, the original inventor of the Buick was no longer in the group.  As I stated in the beginning, Buick died in poverty.  The only thing General Motors kept was Buick's name.

1959 Chevys (both) project cars for sale

1959 Chevy Bel Air front seat
1959 Chevy sedan parts car front seat

The owner of these two 1959 Chevy project cars for sale says, The picture with the rust spot is the worst part of the body. The car has never been painted and still has the original paint on it or should I say what is left of the original paint.

But at least you get to see exactly what you are getting. Remember, the floors in the Bel Air 2 door are rusted thru. Have a clear title on the 4 door and no title on the Bel Air 2 door. Owner says he has enough of everything to build the 1959 Chevy 2-door.

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1959 Chevy Bel Air 2-dr project
1959 Chevy Bel Air 2-dr project car

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