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Have Steam, Will Travel for Free

1902 Geneva: The man driving is this old car is R. F. Henderson.  I don't know if this is his 1902 Geneva steam-powered automobile because when I visited his site, it was shutdown.  I don't know who is giving us all the run-a-round about electric cars, gasoline cars, battery cars, but we could all drive around in steam powered cars and all we'd need, after buying the steam car of course, is water. 
Don't tell me they haven't figured out how to make a steam-driven automobile; we'd had them since the late 1800s (photo right). Anyway, for what it's worth, I've just given you my two cents on the subject of 'oil independence'.

Here is even a book about steam-powered cars (White Company).  You know, the more I look at the diagrams of these simple old cars the more I get to thinking someone with a mechanical aptitude could build one in the garage.
Thinking that way, I looked up the general diagram of a simple steam-powered car and found this:

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