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1959 Chevys (both) project cars for sale

1959 Chevy Bel Air front seat
1959 Chevy sedan parts car front seat

The owner of these two 1959 Chevy project cars for sale says, The picture with the rust spot is the worst part of the body. The car has never been painted and still has the original paint on it or should I say what is left of the original paint.

But at least you get to see exactly what you are getting. Remember, the floors in the Bel Air 2 door are rusted thru. Have a clear title on the 4 door and no title on the Bel Air 2 door. Owner says he has enough of everything to build the 1959 Chevy 2-door.

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1959 Chevy Bel Air 2-dr project
1959 Chevy Bel Air 2-dr project car

1936 Chevrolet sedan for sale

 This 1936 Chevy sedan is now for sale.   Chevy runs and is in good condition.  Right now the car is located in Springfield, Missouri  Owner will be taking more pictures soon.  For more information email Larry at  Or for more information, visit our website at "Project cars and old trucks for sale".

Chevy Project Car for Sale

 This 1956 Chevrolet Hardtop Coupe project car is now for sale.  The owner has given this Chevy project tender loving care, but he says its time to let someone else finish it up.  This project car won't last long so if you know someone who wants to restore a 1956 Chevy coupe, send him a link now.  All the hard work has already been done.  And the owner has all the parts you'll need.  If you want more information, email Larry at  To see dozens more photos, go to 1956 Chevy project car photos

Is This a Morris Minor Rust Bucket

What is a Morris Minor?

We received this picture of a rust bucket beauty from Lyle, a friend  near Neosho, Missouri.  

Lyle wrote: I.occasionally browse your blog and website. I too have an interest in photographing the "ghost" cars of the past that are often tucked away in the Ozarks. 

These pictures were taken outside of Stark City, MO near my home.  I believe it is a Morris Minor. The last 2 pics are of an old barn  -  if you look hard you can see the silhouette of an old grain truck or something similar tucked away in there. The last one is of the house on the property.  All pics are taken from the road as not to violate boundaries. Enjoy!

Thank you very much, Lyle, for sending up these wonderful photos --  Larry and Susan

1955 Napco truck for sale

 Here's a rare barn find -- 1955 Napco original and it's for sale.  This Napco truck is located near Bolivar, MO.  Contact Larry if you want more information about this old truck:   Larry

1955 Nap-co barn find for sale

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