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Cars Named After Presidents

Before you read further, can you name some of the automobiles that were named after our Presidents?  Yeah, I couldn't name even one either.  That's because all but one or two were only manufactured decades ago and didn't take hold the way Ford and GM cars did.

For instance, did you know there was a car named Washington?   My brother Reed gave me a wonderful book about automobile history, "Treasury of Early American Automobiles" by Floyd Clymer.  One page is my inspiration for writing this month -- the page is called "Your Auto I.Q."  Anyway, what about the cars named after our presidents.

The ones you probably never ever heard of are: Washington, Monroe, Grant, Jackson, Johnson, Harding and Roosevelt.   But the eighth car you do know: Lincoln.

As I tried to find photos of some of these vintage cars, I came across this one at the Toyota Auto Museum of Roosevelt's car, a Packard 12.  This is not the car named after Roosevelt that I referred to above but it was so beautiful I wanted to share it with you.

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