Project Car Search Engine:

Dodge project truck (1945 )

This almost poster-like photo of this vintage dodge project truck should be enough to find someone interested in bringing this workhorse back to life again.

The truck runs. And it only costs only $2000. I think it is because restorers of vintage trucks are far and few between.  This truck will always be a fond memory for me -- I have not seen this truck but I have seen pictures and I would have bought it if I could have.

1938 Oldsmobile

Finally we are able to get back to work locating fantastic old cars and trucks in the Ozarks.

Larry has been and still is but not as much, having small strokes and had to do some life adjustments.

Much better now and we found this rare Oldsmobile project car, major project car, while cruising around last week.

We do not know if this is a L or F model.  Does anyone else know what we should look for.

If it is an L, it is one of less than a thousand manufactured.  If not, only about 15,000 were manufactured.  Either way, it is a rare find.

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