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Going to Find some Old Trucks

My brother Reed told us about a large group of classic old trucks sitting in a field south of us about one hundred miles and since we are sooooo ready for a field trip this week, we're planning on heading down there Friday if all goes as planned. We don't really like to handle vehicles that far away with gas prices so unpredictable these days.  But if the trucks are special enough we will.

1953 Hudson SuperJet -- Rare Find

This 1953 Hudson SuperJet is in pretty good all original condition and I believe it still starts up but I'd best check on that.  We have this car for sale to the perfect someone who loves Hudson quality.
The lady who owns this Hudson contacted us. We didn't find this out riding around. She'd heard that we can sell old classics online and that our reputation for both buyer and seller satisfaction was a hundred percent.
So here is a photo of her inherited 1953 Hudson SuperJet.

1967 Chevy Custom Cab

Larry and I were out mowing the yard and doing various yard things when our neighbor's son walked over and told Larry he had a 1967 Chevy truck he'd like us to sell for him.

Larry and his brother, Gary, drove over to Elkton, MO and helped the guy pull this old truck out of the woods on his property.

All windows are there, without cracks. The interior of the cab is rough. This is an old all original farm truck. The truck will not start but the engine is not, repeat, not, froze up.

Anyway, while the guys were working on this truck, I managed to finish the yard work alone. I do enjoy mowing on a riding lawn mower. It is so easy to just cruise around on the grass with a cup of coffee in one hand while I mow.

Dodge project truck (1945 )

This almost poster-like photo of this vintage dodge project truck should be enough to find someone interested in bringing this workhorse back to life again.

The truck runs. And it only costs only $2000. I think it is because restorers of vintage trucks are far and few between.  This truck will always be a fond memory for me -- I have not seen this truck but I have seen pictures and I would have bought it if I could have.

1938 Oldsmobile

Finally we are able to get back to work locating fantastic old cars and trucks in the Ozarks.

Larry has been and still is but not as much, having small strokes and had to do some life adjustments.

Much better now and we found this rare Oldsmobile project car, major project car, while cruising around last week.

We do not know if this is a L or F model.  Does anyone else know what we should look for.

If it is an L, it is one of less than a thousand manufactured.  If not, only about 15,000 were manufactured.  Either way, it is a rare find.

Larry on a Mission

 We are unaccustomed to traveling in big cities now.  The quiet country roads give us such green joy, cows grazing out in big meadows that roll on forever, very little other traffic to pass or pass us -- we just relax and cruise in and out of wonderful country scenieros --  but today, Larry is concentrating on getting in the left lane on an eight lane swirl of cement and green signs and more traffic than we have seen in ten years.

So, since everything around us looked so gray and hard and fast, I decided to take a photo of Larry driving.  
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Car Design Reflects Women's Clothing Styles

Last fall we came across a line of round-bottom beauties sitting out in a field in the sun. 

That was about four months ago and it was not until this very morning, Sunday, that it hit me that you can almost predict the design of a car in the U.S. simply by studying the current style for women's clothing.

I'll research this concept some more and will no doubt find that someone has wrote about it in full somewhere. 

What is your opinion on this idea.

High on a West Virginia Mountain Top

This old truck sits on the side of the road somewhere high on a mountaintop in West Virginia. One of our readers sent this photo.

This old truck is hynotic in its silent beauty -- makes me feel like John Boy Walton will come running up at any moment to jump in and start it up. 

Thank you Dan for sending us this priceless photos.

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