Project Car Search Engine:

Going to Find some Old Trucks

My brother Reed told us about a large group of classic old trucks sitting in a field south of us about one hundred miles and since we are sooooo ready for a field trip this week, we're planning on heading down there Friday if all goes as planned. We don't really like to handle vehicles that far away with gas prices so unpredictable these days.  But if the trucks are special enough we will.

1953 Hudson SuperJet -- Rare Find

This 1953 Hudson SuperJet is in pretty good all original condition and I believe it still starts up but I'd best check on that.  We have this car for sale to the perfect someone who loves Hudson quality.
The lady who owns this Hudson contacted us. We didn't find this out riding around. She'd heard that we can sell old classics online and that our reputation for both buyer and seller satisfaction was a hundred percent.
So here is a photo of her inherited 1953 Hudson SuperJet.

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