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1972 Chevy pickup truck
This is picture of a 1972 Chevy pickup truck but I am getting one that looks just like this.  My Dad's sister bought a 1972 Chevy c10 long bed back when it was a new truck.  Dad bought it from her and used it up until he passed away.  He left it to me.  This old Chevy truck has been in my family for nearly 40 years and it still runs good.

We are soon going to drive down to Ozark MO and pick it up.  Thanks Dad.  I will be proud to put it in my garage and use it when needed.  I love that old truck.

LGP - 016 12 X 18 Chevy Truck Parking Sign - PS30060 (Google Affiliate Ad)
LP - 232 Heartbeat Chevy Trucks License Plate - 292 (Google A

Traveling the back roads in the Ozarks
We have spent the last five years using all our energy, which was low, rebuilding our lives after a major catastrophe in our life.  Larry has been unable to do anything and I have been taking care of him.  We have had to downsize our life and our world. 

But today we can see the sun coming up over the horizon once again.  Thank all of you for your wonderful patience and support.  We long to get back on the road locating old cars and trucks for you. 

Email us now to let us know what old cars or trucks you want us to find.  Larry

 Project Cars and Old Trucks for Sale

Larry and Susan locate old classic project cars and trucks in Hickory County, MO and find buyers for the project car nationwide.  Do you have an old car sitting around?  We will help you find out what it is worth and post photos of it on our site.  We have established a powerful project car network online since 2004.

Contact Larry to get your car or truck sold:  Email some pics of your vehicle to:  Let's get started.

Bumper Cars on Streets

You can now make old bumper cars street legal and enjoy the savings on gasoline.

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1940 Cadillac project car for sale

Here is a pre-war 1940 Cadillac project car for only $2900 obo.  This car was manufactured before World War II. Contact Larry is you have questions about this Cadillac project car.

Located in California.       

1963 Peugeot 430 Series project car for Sale

This 1963 Peugeot 430 Series project car is an 80%complete non runner.  These are the kind of project cars that will be worth the most in the future because they will serve the purpose of being easy on the gas.  $900 obo.  Located in California.

We are posing this project car on our blog because Susan is having trouble accessing our website.  Email Larry at with any questions.  Thank you.

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