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1946 Chevy Fleetline project car for sale

1946 Chevy Fleetline with arrow dynamic design. It has a later model engine (1952).

A friend of Larry's up in Kansas City mailed photos of this car to us and since our scanner is out of order, we had to take pics of the pics with our camera to put them online.

We haven't actually been up to KC to see the car in person. It is for sale for $2250 obo right now. Price may go up later after we've had a chance to see it. Email Larry if you are interested.

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Note: According to a member of H.A.M.B, a car-forum that Larry is an Alliance Member,a place he visits while drinking morning coffee and listening to some Barter Radio program, the helpful member pointed out that this Chevy was a 1946, not a 1948. He also suggested it was a Fleetmaster, not a Fleetline, however, according to the parking light and side windows, this is definitely a Fleetline.

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