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Octoauto had Short Life in early 1900s

In 1911 Octoauto, the only car in the world built on the principle of a Pullman Palace Car, was manufactured and sold by M.O. Reeves in Columbus, Indiana.  M.O. Reeves was vice-president of the reeves Pulley Company.  This long low automobile had eight wheels  and claimed that each tire lasted longer, since it carried one-eighth of the load instead of one-fourth.

You can see a photo of an Octoauto here.  The photo of the man you see on the left is of Elbert Hubbard.  Back in 1911, Hubbard wrote an article about the Octoauto which was as unusual and startling as the Octoauto.  Below is a quote from that article which will give you the general drift the article took:
I had the pleasure of riding in an Octoauto in Chicago.  The driver was a reckless fellow, and the wonder is that we were not pinched and given the limit by the judge; but fortunately our driver picked streets that no other auto with a sane chauffeur would attempt to navigate.
Chicago not only has some of the best pavement in the world, but I believe it can safely claim the booby-prize for the worst.

Elbert Hubbard goes on to say how smooth his ride in the Octoauto was over these abominable streets saying he barely felt a jolt or bounce in the vehicle.

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