Project Car Search Engine:

1937 Chrysler Peaking Out

This little vintage car is still tantalizing us every time we drive by. The owner told us he gave it to his daughter who lives in California but she isn't too interested yet so the old 1937 Chrysler (?) sits and waits. Sure it would take a heap of renovation but the lines and general look of this vintage car beckon the viewer and leaves one with the impression it wants to be rescued and brought back to life.

In case you might enjoy the thrill of approaching an old barn to see what is inside, here is a tip. Do not attempt this barn adventure on your own. You might get shot. Always find the owner and ask permission. We're still digging the buckshot out of Larry's tush :) :)

Silhouette of Old Cars and Trucks on Hill Top

Larry and a friend of his were returning from a trip to Springfield, MO one day last summer. The sun was setting and turning hills and trees into dark silhouettes. On a hill top on the east side of the highway they spotted five great old cars and trucks parked on the very top of the hill.

They pulled over and climbed the hill to find weeds about 3 foot tall enclosing all of the vehicles. The old vintage car you see on the left is one of those vehicles. Most of them were sad, deserted rust buckets but they had rare classic car parts and scripts.

By the way, someone (we never could locate them) had laid a 3'x3' piece of plywood on the front of one old truck with for sale painted in black. The phone number (also painted) was disconnected.

This is just one of the classic or should I say vintage cars left for the buzzards on the hilltop. These types of vehicles, even though not in a barn per se, we call barn finds anyway.

What is a Barn Find

We see vintage and classic cars nearly every time we take a drive around the countryside. We live in rural Missouri down in the Ozarks. We have seen several 1955 Chevy Air rust buckets, one in a corner of a meadow with cattle grazing around it, another 1955 Chevy was parked next to a vacant 1960s gas station. The gas station had been closed for several decades and weeds grew tall around the Chevy. In both cases the owners considered the classic cars valuable and not for sale. "Going to fix 'er up someday," was (and is) the usual first response from those in control of these classics. But the weeds still grow tall and the rust is consuming the prized classics.

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