Project Car Search Engine:

Coming Around the Mountain

We were driving around last summer and ended up way down in the boondocks when we came upon this old road. We tried to drive down the road but just around that bend the road deteriorated into a wagon trail.

No sign of life anywhere, not human life that is. The trees hung over the trail as we proceeded and made it dark with shadows and eerily quiet. We had visions of coming upon an old deserted farmhouse with a Dusenberg parked inside in mint condition, but instead we came upon cows and lots of them. We're not exactly at ease in a herd of cattle, especially when every one of them stopped what they were doing to stare at us.

All Larry could say was "Do you see a bull anywhere?" One cow, then two, started our way and away we went. Sure this entry had no great barn finds in it but thought you'd like to know how dangerous a job we have as we scout around for classic project cars to save for posterity by taking pictures and putting them online for wonderful renovators like you to restore to life once again.

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