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The Ones That Got Away

One day about six months ago Larry and I towed a 82 Volvo to the Crusher (Scrap) Yard, the price of metal was higher than ever so it seemed right and was right. We received over $200 for it. But then we couldn't resist just walking around the huge (but ugly) scrap yard. We saw amazing antiques (wagon wheels, cast iron potbellied stoves, plows) which had not been crushed and since they were separated from what was going to be crushed, the scrap yard likely sells them to a collector which is better than destroying it. What is not good is how often vintage antiques find their way to a metal graveyard. And we know for sure some vintage project cars including classic car and truck chrome and script is in that heap as well. While we were there we watched the old Volvo as it was crinkled, trunk popped open by the guy operating the forklift, roof pounded in, then he picked it up and drove off to a huge pile of crushed cars and lifted it up high and placed it on top of the heap. I had tears in my eyes. What an emotional experience and one that I highly recommend if you've never seen it happened up close and personal like that. Especially if you love cars.

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