Project Car Search Engine:

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

We had a big rain. The gravel was soft. This truck was being backed out of the garage bay on the right. Larry knew to back out and stay to the left and he tried but the drive gave way and the truck slid sideways and landed precisely between the big oak tree and the cement porch foundation (the white rectangular area).

When I say precisely, I mean you could put a piece of paper between the front bumper and the cement foundation but that is all you could put there. The same exact thing is true of the tree and the back bumper. But to both our amazement there was not a scratch on the truck. Would that be true by the time we winched it out of there?

Larry tied a winch to a tree about 20' directly opposite the truck and due to a serious shoulder injury Larry could do nothing strength-wise so I had to do the winching -- up and back, up and back, and inch by inch with the use of strong boards, cement blocks, and other contraptions we got the truck free. It took about two hours. The truck never got a scratch. Which is wonderful since it was not our truck.

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