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The Lost Pocket Watch

Larry's pocket watch was his motivation, his incentive, his pride and joy but he doesn't have one anymore because I washed it. So now without fail, every time we head out somewhere to see a project car, he complains about not knowing for sure what time it is. "We're going to be late, " he grumbles. But I ignore him since we have a nice bright digital clock in the car, our cell phones show the time on the face, and the radio DJ tells us what time it is every ten minutes but I don't say anything. I am keeping my eyes open for the right pocket watch, I already tried to buy him a $12 one at a discount store but he said it didn't have the "feel" of the old one and so I returned it. I knew better than to buy the junky one anyway. It has been almost a year now and still no pocket watch but we never take a trip but what it isn't brought up. There was something about the feeling he got when he pulled it out of his small watch pocket in his Wranglers that made him feel right with the world.

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