Project Car Search Engine:

Scenery Makes Our Job Pleasant

While we drive around the country here in the Ozarks looking for project cars and trucks, the scenery keeps us happy between barn finds. We usually take a hot thermos of coffee and a cooler to hold my coffee cream and maybe a snack. We don't have any particular destination in mind, but we do have a certain region we want to explore. Here we are headed up near Lake of the Ozarks. We veered southward because we've heard about some old project cars in that area. We kind of know the whereabouts of a 1941 Jeep delivery wagon (and pre-war vehicles are always wonderful to find). However, we did not find the place in the backwoods with the pre-war jeep and we didn't find anything else either. There are no street names in this region, unless you go into a town. But we plan to go back to find this vintage truck or van or wagon this Spring.

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