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De Vaux Automobile - A Jewel for Beauty

1932 De Vaux 2-dr Sport Coupe 6 cyl engine
The De Vaux (pronounced DeVoe)automobile was manufactured in Grand Rapids, Michigan and its body design and style was related to the 1930 Durant automobile. Matter of fact, not much later the De Vaux was built in Oakland, California at the Durant plant.

All De Vaux automobiles were in one model only called the 6/75.   De Vaux automobiles, although beautiful and well-made, were only manufactured from April 1931 until January 1932 producing about 4,000 coupes and sedans. 

Demand for the De Vaux was so high the De Vaux Motors Company could not keep up with it and was taken over in February 1932 by Continental Motors Corporation.  The Continental Motors Corporation manufactured De Vaux cars but they lacked the class De Vaux had given his cars.

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