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1949 Chevy Pickup Restored by Young Teen

Teen Builds 1949 Chevy pickup

I just wanted to update you on the progress that we have made on the truck.  I'm 18 now years ikd and have made some pretty significant changes to the truck over the last five years.

I purchased a truck from you ( about five years ago when I was 13 years old. It was a that someone you were related too had for sale. We down to the Missouri Ozarks from West Virginia to get that 1949 Chevy

We built it the first time using a dropped axle and put in a Chevy 235 Straight-Six.

I drove it like that a couple times and blew up the engine.
In the same week I blew up the engine I was planning on taking it to the first car show. 
I went ahead and went to the car show as just a viewer and won a new engine and transmission in a raffle drawing. It is a Chevy 350 with a 700r4 transmission.
Since I have won that engine I have put a Mustang II front suspension, 12 bolt rear end, power steering, power brakes, and the new engine and trans. The interior has been r edone and the bed has white oak custom cut by a friend of mine.  For the gas tank we used a beer keg in the bed, and it still wears the original paint with the pork and beef stickers on the side of the hood.
This time around I finally made it to the car show where I'd won the engine before.  My 1949 Chevy pickup and I were featured on the front page of our local paper.  
Hopefully I can get published in a magazine which is my ultimate goal.  Just wanted to let you know that I still had it and am still working on it. --  Tyler
Dear Tyler,
     Thank you very much for writing to us to let us know you carried through on the truck restoration of our relative's old farm truck.  Finding someone who would love that old truck was important to us.  You have made both of us happy today. -- Larry and Susan,

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