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Rare 1957 Crestliner boat for sale (416)

This 1957 Crestliner with aa 1957 Johnson outboard motor is a real find. Such a small world too -- the man who owns this boat and motor (and has the title) lives only a few miles from us. I did some research on this boat and discovered: 
Larson Motorcraft produced Crestliners from 1955-1957. 
All Johnson outboards prior to 1958 are collector engines. 
This boat is aluminum and wood and original. 
The original coloring was red and white. 
Larson changed company to Crestliner in 1957.
    There a many things about this old classic Crestliner that make it a collector's dream but the owner only wants $850 for the whole kit and caboodle.

    We hope someone who loves old boats ends up with this one.  by the way, the 1957 Johnson 3.5 hp still runs great and the boat is usable as is.

    Email Larry is you want it for $850 at

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