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One-Woman Car of the 1920s

Maybe you are not guilty of thinking your grandma didn't have fun when she was young, but I certainly am guilty of it. My grandma never once even wanted to learn how to drive a car; she could drive a mean team of horses, but it took years before she'd allow herself to be a passenger in a car. Actually both my grandma's were non-drivers, and thought it un-lady-like to drive a machine.

But this lady is having great fun
and on Broadway no doubt. It did my heart good to see such an adventurous woman in the days of the Roaring Twenties (as if most of them were not adventurous at least in dancing).

Oh, yeah, grandma was a Southern Baptist so she never danced, the only radio she listened to was Sunday morning hymns which she sang along with while she cooked, and her hair was down to her ankles having never been cut.

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