Project Car Search Engine:

Five New 1939 Dodge sedans $7534.09

I knew the man who bought these five new Dodge cars. He was an old man when I met him in a coffee shop in Preston MO. His name was Tuck King. He died a rich old man.

But as a young man in 1939, he saw the opportunity to be the first person to open a new car lot in this little Missouri town. The cars arrived by train in Bolivar MO. He and some friends drove the cars back to his new car lot from Bolivar, about 40 miles.

One day when I was having coffee and writing in my notebook in the cafe, he came walking in, slowly because he was in his 90s, and sat down opposite me in my booth.

He gave me this piece of paper and said he thought I'd find it interesting. I did and now I can share it with you. Tuck passed away several years ago. I've had this information since just before he died.

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