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Classic Hudson Grills Gone Wild

These three late 1940s or so Hudsons (we think they were all Hudson), have grills worth more than the car itself. If Larry and I had someone to invest in us, we could do so much more. As is we had to let them go to the crusher because the owner would only sell the whole car or nothing. With the economy so bad that businesses are shutting out their lights and closing for good all across the states, you would think our project car business would also tumble but that is not the case and we are surprised. Business is picking up. All we can figure is that it makes good economic sense to purchase a project car and make it into an electric car or solar powered car and sell it for a fortune. Whatever the reason, we are okay with increased business. Back to the original point of what I was talking about here: these fascinating old heavy full chrome grills -- talk about a lost opportunity.

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