Project Car Search Engine:

Oh, To Be So Lucky

Some retired car dealer in Portugal called in a photographer to document his vintage car collection. 

The photographer he hired obliged but then sort of created a great barn find story to sell his photos to other magazines.

The story took off and was published in vintage car magazines, but one alert writer, Tom Cotter, just could not believe someone would sell an old place and not mention that there were hundreds of vintage cars in the barn so he investigated.

Cotter learned that the photographer was hired by the owner of the vintage cars to document the cars with photos, as I mentioned earlier. Cotter revealed the truth of the story which in itself made a great story. 

But nevertheless, in Portugal there is a huge barn with all these beauties parked inside. 

Larry and I would probably faint if we opened a barn door and saw hundreds of perfectly preserved cars like these.

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