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Looking for Old Trucks to Sell

This is a 1923 Ford Model T Express Wagon. It's not very original in design for the era since it looks almost like a wagon that should have horses pulling it. But for some old timers, it was just what they wanted.

Ford wasn't exclusive back in the 1920s. There were over 200 car makers in America back then. But Ford latched onto the "assembly line" way of making autos and by 1940, he'd eliminated all but 17 competitors.

Before Ford went with the assembly line, back when each Ford was made by hand, buyers could have their autos painted in a variety of colors, but not black. After the assembly line went into effect, Ford said, "They can have any color they want as long as it is black." Ford used Japan Black because it dried so quickly. From then on, all Ford Model Ts were black.

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