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Laguna Finds Good Home

Here comes the new owner of the 1974 Chevelle Laguna we had for sale at Vintage Tins.
He and his brother flew in on a small plane from Kansas. We met at a small local airport.

However, for a time it looked like the deal might not go down because we got a phone call about half an hour after their arrival time, "We're very low on fuel," he said. "We landed in Nevada, MO but they don't have any fuel. Can we met at a closer airport?"
Truly concerned that our new buyer might crash somewhere in the Ozark hills and never be seen again, we quickly agreed to rendezvous at an airport about 40 miles closer to where they were.
We, Larry in our car and me in the classic Laguna (which was smooth as silk on the road), got back in our cars and headed west. The buyer was there long before we pulled in.
I parked the Laguna in a parking slot and looked toward the airport restaurant and saw a big, handsome Viking-looking young man come striding towards the Laguna with a big smile on his face.
He had long naturally curly red hair that blew back from his face as he walked over. He wore an attractive light brown mountain man type jacket that complimented his look. He took one look at the car and was slightly put off by some minor rusting around the vinyl but when he looked the almost like new original interior and started it up, he was sold.
He drove it back to northwestern Kansas and his brother flew the plane back. That night we got an email "Not one problem going home. The car is everything you said it was." Another happy buyer and more.
He has asked us to sell two vintage project cars he owns -- 1946 New Yorker and 1950 Chrysler Windsor. You can see these car on our website.

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