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Barn Finds in Mennenite Land

Saturday Trip to 100 year old farm where nothing has ever been removed

A nice little old lady phoned us last week and said she had three old trucks she wanted us to sell (1953 Ford F100, 1963 Chevy Apache C10 and a 1969 Chevy C10) so we headed out her way today. As you can see by the sign we were entering Mennonite territory so had to watch for horse-drawn buggies. Her place was a good ten miles further.

When we pulled into the narrow dirt drive onto her old farm we saw cars dating back to the 30s, parked in the 50s and never moved again. I'm posting some pictures of those coupe beauties on our website's RustBucket pages later tonight. Larry and I (and his brother Gary who just came along for the ride) walked in cow pastures and mud pits and climbed fences and opened gates and moved broken limbs (fallen during the big ice storm) to see these vintage rust buckets and a few restorable classics.

We'll be researching these cars and trucks over the next few days and post them accordingly on our website by Monday, March 24. I'm going to post this entry but we have a few stories to tell about this venture for sure. As Gary puts it, "They've lived there 60 years and got rid of nothing." And Larry added, "The biggest problem I see if that the owner thinks these vehicles are in great condition and wants to price like they are. Basically, I could only see three cars worth even trying to pull out of there: the 68 Chevy C10, the 57 Ford Fairland, and 66? Pontiac Tempest." And me, the only one I think is any good is the old 1968 IHC Scout 80.

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