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Dodge Wayfarer

The Dodge Wayfarer Sportabout (previously called a roadster) was manufactured for the young people of the day. Read what a brochure stated about this car:

Heed the call of the open road in the sportiest car on the highway.  The durable fabric top on its lightweight aluminum frame can be raised or lowered quickly and easily with one hand... Chrome-trimmed safety glass side windows that roll up completely with one-and-one half turns give a completely weatherproof car... You'll enjoy the relaxing comfort of the extra wide, soft-cushioned knee-level seat with legroom to spare... the festive playtime look of bright interior fittings and colorful [artificial] textile leather upholstery. Out on the road, you'll thrill to the eager responsiveness of the big 103 horsepower Dodge 'Get-Away' Engine.

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