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When Owners See a Classic Beauty in a Rust Bucket, it ain't good

We've been locating classic restorable project cars for about four years now and the one thing that we find most frustrating is what we call "someday." We have seen some dynamite restoration project possibilities but the owner, usually dirt poor, will not part with it for any price. "I'm going to restore it someday," he says. We go back after a year or so and the car hasn't been moved. One such car, a 1953 Chevy 2-dr, is still sitting out in the woods with trees growing around it. The trees would have to be cut down to move the car. The second most frustrating thing we experience is when the owner will sell the car but wants top dollar for it. The price he quotes for a #5 car is the price a #1 might sell for. This happens mostly with older folks who inherited the car from their parents and it is still sitting where their parents parked it. But other than those two elements, this is a rewarding and interesting business to be in. Locating restorable project cars for sale.

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